Datsun Redi-GO

Looks do matter; this cliche does ring true at least in case of the edgy styling, the tall-boy stance and the bold character lines which come together to give this first, all-new modern-day Datsun redi-GO its unique identity. It is a kind of an all-new Datsun because the Go and Go+ were merely redone versions of the Nissan Micra. But the redi-GO is all-new. Datsun redi-GO is a trendy looking vehicle - India’s first ‘urban-cross’ - a car that blends the best of city hatchbacks and crossovers. In urban conditions the redi-GO feels quite fast with excellent low-speed groan from its three-cylinder 799cc petrol engine. Complementing the fast pick up is the free flowing steering wheel, light clutch and a low turning radius of just 4.7 metres to make driving through our narrow and cramped city roads - effortless. That's the ‘urban’ bit. Now, for the ‘crossover’ part, the redi-GO has space, ride and ground clearance on its side. Inside the cabin it appears to be quite roomy due to its ‘tall-boy’ design car interiors. There is more than adequate headroom and legroom upfront for adults. The rear seat is sufficient for two well grown adults. Then, the 185mm of ground clearance to tackle sudden speed breakers inside the city roads too is an added blessing. The Datsun redi-GO claims to be the fastest entry-level hatchback quoting 0 to 100 kmph at 15.9 seconds. But the lowest Team WHEELS could achieve, after several trials, was a 100 kmph at 17.9 seconds only. But while trying out the acceleration, the 799cc engine screamed out loud, strained with high vibrations, making the noise-vibration-harshness (NVH) levels to be improved upon by the company. However, the overall package – interior design, driveability, on-road dynamics – is praiseworthy. There aren’t too many compromises when it comes to quality, fit and finish. Ergonomics are good. The dashboard is attractive with smart storage options and plastic quality is acceptable. Coming to the dynamics, weighing just 645 kg for a car that is this tall, it is quite stable for city runs. The low weight also amplifies its mileage. Datsun claims an astounding figure of over 25 km per litre. It means the redi-GO could be one of the most fuel efficient petrol hatches in the country. However, Team WHEELS could not verify the figure during the drive review. Apart from the trendy looks, high ground clearance and mileage, the other USP is its high seating position with a commanding view around the driver. Although Datsun has not yet revealed its price, it has hinted at pricing the redi-GO between Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 3.5 lakh - making it one of the cheapest in the segment. We feel, should Datsun be able to provide a reasonable after-sales service and low cost ownership, the redi-GO could pose as one of the fittest for city motorists. Specifications Engine - Petrol 3 Cylinder Displacement - 799 cc Max Power (PS@rpm) - 54@5678 Max Torque (Nm/rpm) - 72@4386 Mileage - 25.17 kmpl Ground Clearance - 185 mm Turning Radius - 4.73 m Transmission - 5-speed manual Boot Space - 222 litre Price: (Estimated/Exshowroom) – Rs 2.50-3.50 lakh

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