Renault Duster AWD

Team WHEELS recently drove the Renault Duster AWD - an ‘all-wheel drive’ version of the regular Duster that can send power to all the four wheels of the vehicle when the situation demands. In Duster AWD, instead of the traditional 4x4 mechanism, you get an electronically controlled AWD system with the turn of a knob on-the-fly. You get an option of driving with a 2WD (2-wheel drive) mode for your regular urban commute where it works like an ordinary front-wheel drive vehicle and also an AWD mode for 4-wheel drive for better traction on difficult situations. This mode can be accessed till the speed of 60 kmph, after which it automatically switches to 'Auto' mode. Renault has introduced this AWD system in the 'Auto' mode which would be useful when venturing out in the wild. The electronic system of the vehicle activates the 4-wheel drive on its own if the terrain requires so. Our team tried a Renault Duster AWD for an off-road exercise which tackled almost all tasks with ease. It worked surprisingly well, sending power to the rear wheels whenever it sensed a loss of traction at the front wheels and managed to control the vehicle with the AWD system. Steep climbs, slush and sand stretches - the Duster AWD was ready to take all challenges. Talking about driving, the Duster AWD is driven by the much-appreciated 1.5 dCi K9k diesel motor that dispenses 110 PS and 245 Nm of torque along with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Renault has made a few significant changes to the Duster AWD 110 PS variant. The most remarkable is the refinement of its engine which has become considerably smoother with an instant response. Moreover, you don’t really need to downshift every time you want to overtake those annoyingly slow moving vehicles. Plus, there’s the lighter clutch that adds to the improved driving experience. What’s also remarkable about the AWD variant is the ride comfort. It feels amazing to drive over rough road condition as the independent suspension with a high ground clearance of 210 mm does an unbelievable job of smoothing out the potholes to offer greater riding comfort. The cabin looks much smarter in an AWD. The plastics used are of better quality and the black and grey dual-tone interior looks refreshing. There is a new instrument cluster and a sporty three-spoke steering wheel and dual-tone seats with stylish bold red stitch. Space has never been an issue for the Duster and the AWD variant offers ample passenger leg and head room with sufficient boot space. The Duster AWD claims a 19 km to a litre of diesel with its new Eco mode though we didn’t really bother testing the mileage as we were busy pushing the Duster around slush fields, over sand pits and getting to steep inclines without any trouble. Overall, the Duster AWD makes a smart choice both for your urban and off-roading flings.   Renault Duster AWD No. of Cylinder: 4 Engine Capacity: 1461cc (Turbo - diesel) Power: 110 PS@4000 rpm Torque: 245 Nm@1750 rpm Turning Radius: 5.2mt Ground clearance: 210 mm Boot space: 475 litres Mileage: 19.72 km per litre Price: Rs 13.99 lakh (Ex showroom - Kolkata)

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