Talshari Drive Tour

It has been more than 3 months since the WHEELERS had been on a Drive Tour; after braving the scorching heat of the summer months and the heavy showers following the onset of monsoon, they were eagerly looking forward to the weekend trip on the eve of Independence Day. The morning of August 12 saw the gathering of more than 70 people and 26 cars at the Autocare Centre, Hindustan Petroleum fuel pump near Kalamandir, all set to zoom off to Talshari in Odisha. After the owner-drivers were adequately briefed and the fuel tanks of their cars filled up, the convoy sped through AJC Bose Road to Vidyasagar Setu and then onto NH-6 towards Kolaghat. After a short break at Azad Hind Dhaba in Uluberia for breakfast, the convoy headed towards Digha via Nandakumar and Contai. It was due to the increasing rush of traffic at Digha Town, the convoy opted for Digha Bypass to reach Talshari. Hunger pangs made the Wheelers rush to dining room immediately and enjoy the buffet lunch peppered by light conversation among fellow members. Rest of the afternoon, the Wheelers were left to themselves and most were content in unwinding - breathing in the sea breeze and gazing at the horizon beyond the casuarina lined sea beach. The evening gathering witnessed quite a bit of bonding as veterans of several drive tours easily mingled with the new members. The following morning saw some of the WHEELERS visiting Kirtaniya Mohona and Bhushandeshwara Temple, about an hour’s drive from the hotel. Lazing around the beach turned out to be a favourite past time and to indulge in some fried fish and crabs from the beach shacks. After lunch and the customary group photos, the Wheelers once again were back in their cars and the convoy started its journey towards Kolkata. After a tea break near Tamluk, Team WHEELS successfully guided the convoy back to Vidyasagar Setu by 7 pm where they finally parted to head home, resuscitated by the trip to the serene sea beach of Talshari.

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