WHEELS Drill: Know your car better

Sunday, 17th July saw the WHEELERS assemble at The Fern Residency Hotel in Rajarhat for a daylong session for what was presumably the first time, a chance to know their cars better. The six sessions throughout the day in the lavish property took them through a journey into what goes inside their cars, the basic mechanical systems running it and more importantly, the tips and tricks that would come handy when they are stranded with their cars. The day started with an interactive session with car trainer Mr Pinak Chakraborty who explained the WHEELERS in details the parameters that should be considered while choosing a car. He also touched upon the different parts of a car and the measures to keep the vehicle at its peak. Honda took over from him and gave the participants a presentation of the features that are present in modern cars. Team Honda, led by Mr Prateek Bhattacharya, explained the need for the next generation features and how they help the commuters in their daily lives and also during long tours on the highways. It was quite informative as most drivers are aware of the features and look for them in their new cars but few are aware how to put them in right use. The participants also compared the features in old generation cars with that of a brand new Honda Amaze that was on display at the hotel's car park. This was followed by an extensive session including demonstration on car lubricants by Veedol. The WHEELERS got the opportunity to learn about the lubricants used in a car. The viscosity, the types of lubricants – lessons about changing lubricants were also practically drilled in. The after-lunch session began with tyres and tips on its maintenance. The presentation from JK Tyres touched upon the different problems one encounters with tyres, measures to avoid them and ways to take care of tyres. The video on how to repair a punctured tubeless tyre was the highlight of the session. The session on motor insurance from LKP- one of the most trusted names in the field of insurance, was the next insightful session packed with relevant information on what to look into while buying an insurance policy for the car, the add-ons and how to make use of them. The closing session was by Pidilite on car care and techniques in keeping every part a car spick and span. The educative sessions in Wheel Drill 2016 on cars indeed brought a big smile on the faces of the car owners after an information packed day organised by 'Kolkata on WHEELS'.

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