WHEELS off the Road

It was time for 'Kolkata on WHEELS' to try something new that was adventurous and completely off the beaten track. So, with Kolkata Offroaders as technical partners and Mitsubishi Pajero as the sponsor, WHEELERS had great fun on a basic training in offroading on a delightful Sunday, 13th March this year.   A huge sand quarry at Pandua in Hooghly was the chosen venue for going off-road. The day began with a delicious breakfast along with registration at Azad Hind Dhaba in Gopalpur on NH-2. Soon after, the WHEELERS arrived at the location where the trainers were ready with their set of Willy’s Jeeps and Mitsubishi Pajeros - the perfect beasts to tame the terrain that lay in front.   The training started off with a theoretical session on gearboxes and the differentials of a car followed by a demonstration on engaging the gears. It was followed by a drive around the terrain which was found to be ideal for off roading. As the experienced offroaders moved around the terrain in their vehicles, driving the vehicles despite the vertical climbs looked quite easy, at least from a distance. The real fun began when most of the first timers in off-roading WHEELERS and Mitsubishi Pajero owners took off in their 4-wheel drives.   And suprisingly, they fared quite well. Many got the feel of the ability of the beasts and drove around the sandy terrain accompanied initially by the trainers and later on, all by themselves. For the spirited ones, it was really fun to see the cars go up in the air and then land with all the sand flying around them, facing all the challenges with aplomb. As the sun started its homeward journey, it was time to unwind with a tribal dance performance by the local Santhals. After the enjoyable day and some experience in off-roading, many of the WHEELERS toyed with the idea of adding 4x4 machines to their stables.

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