The Invasion Of The Indian Auto Industry

In India, a 'Made-in-China' product invites a general perception of ‘being cheap, inferior in quality and short-lived’. While these accusations may stand true for the mass consumable goods, the Chinese car industry has been nothing short of revol...

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Banabithi Resort - Your Weekend Getaway

Over the past few months, there were multiple occasions when one name had repeatedly surfaced during the adda sessions w...

Distance from Kolkata : 27 km
Drive Time : 0 - 3 Hours
Theme : Forest

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Serenity At Tajpur

While we are fortunate to have a number of sea beaches within the distance of 20...

Distance from Kolkata : 168km
Drive Time : 3 - 5 Hours
Theme : Beach

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An Open Sesame of Terracotta Wonder

Since time immemorial, Bankura has played a pivotal role in the development of c...

Distance from Kolkata : 221 km
Drive Time : 3 - 5 Hours
Theme : History

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Alternate Fuels of the Future

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“Start your engines” - A phrase that might soon go extinct along with the fuel powering them. Fossil fuels like petrol and diesel have been the mainstay of all our automotive needs for over a cent...


New Citroën C3 Launched In India

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Citroën India has launched the much-awaited New C3 at a special introductory ex-showroom price of INR 5,70,500. With over 90 per cent localisation, this Made-In-India model is the first product from ...


EIMG Drive To East Himalaya Rally Flag Off 2022

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Even as an impending cyclonic storm threatened to play spoilt sport, the members of Eastern India Motoring Group (EIMG) – an act...


Calcutta And British Club Culture

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Even after seventy five years of independence, Indians still live on colonial hangover. This is nothing strange because two hundre...


Keoladeo National Park - Speciality Forest (Part 2)

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Popularly known as ‘Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary’, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was earlier the duck shooting range of the Maha...


What is the new number of NH-2?

WHEELS Photography Contest Winners

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